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Customer Service

A number of definitions for Customer Service are readily available.

Wikipedia: “The provision of service to Customers before, during, and after a purchase.”

Investopedia: “The process of ensuring Customer satisfaction with a product or service.” Entrepreneur (Small Business Dictionary): “The degree of assistance and courtesy granted those who patronize a business.”

Business dictionary: “All interactions between a Customer and a product provider at the time of sale, and thereafter.” Regardless of your preferred definition, Customer Service is simply all interactions with the Customer.

The Breedlove Farms Estates and Land Team is dedicated to superior Customer service. We understand that our business is about building relationships and more than just providing answers when called. It’s about helping Customers when they don’t know they need help and encompasses every interaction with a Customer. In today’s hyperconnected world, Customer service includes all Customer interaction; phone, email, chat, web, and social communications.

Our 10 Principles of Customer Service

1. The Customer is the most important person in our business. Other than the safety and wellbeing of our team and clients, nothing is as important as taking care of the Customer. We are in business to service Customer needs; we understand that the Customer provides our income.
2. Be a good listener. We want to engage each Customer in order to understand the most important things to our clients; identify and anticipate needs.
3. Ensure Customers feel important and appreciated. We strive to treat our Customers as individuals; with sincerity and respect.
4. Give more than expected. We seek to overachieve and elevate our team above the competition. We put great importance in a strong work ethic. We also take great pride in understanding our market.
5. Appreciate the power of “Yes”. We constantly look for ways to help our clients and we always do what we say we will do.

  1. Do “it” now. We place a premium on our sense of urgency; immediate action is our goal.
  2. Know how to apologize. If something goes wrong, we apologize and work to ensure that the same mistake does not occur again. We are committed to dealing with problems immediately.
  3. Seek regular Customer feedback. We encourage and welcome suggestions about how we can improve. We may dislike receiving complaints but it gives us an opportunity to improve.
  4. Help Customers with our business systems. The real estate business has become more automated and utilizes many tools. We are committed to making the process as seamless as possible, using efficient systems without reducing the human element of our business.
  5. Treat employees well. We believe that if we treat our employees with respect they will in turn have a higher regard for Customers. Treating Customers and employees well is equally important.