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Originally from Bainbridge, a little town in the southwest corner of Georgia; Scott’s family moved 40 miles south to Tallahassee, Florida when he was 4. There his father started a career as a builder and developer. Scott grew up with 3 older sisters that weren’t easy on him. “They severely picked on me growing up, made fun of my big ears (made up a song about them) and even harassed me when I struck out at baseball. I eventually grew into my ‘big ears’ but I think they helped me develop a thick skin. My sisters finally stopped picking on me when I was about 15. Later in my life, God blessed me with 4 daughters and an abundance of patience.  Love my sisters and my daughters.”

Growing up, Scott loved the outdoors; hunting, fishing and sports were his passion. Scott is convinced that developing such a love for the outdoors and nature, led him to pursue landscaping as his first career. The design aspect of projects and, of course, being outside (even in the hot North Florida temperatures) were very appealing. He also discovered that he loved to help people.

In the late 90’s Scott moved from Tallahassee to the Columbia, South Carolina area. He found a 32-acre farm to rent in North, S.C. The landlord had chickens, geese, a dog, turkeys and 14 horses. Two of the mares were pregnant when Scott arrived and while he had been around horses before, this was a new experience. Soon the owner of property discovered Scott was handy and allowed him to assume the duties of the farm and the wide range of responsibilities involved, including the horses. One of the early responsibilities was helping deliver one of the colts. “Never will forget that, it was like watching your own child being born.”

Eventually, he took a position in pharmaceutical sales, making sales phone calls all day. “I was required to make 70 calls per day to people that really didn’t want to, nor had time to talk with me. That job taught me two things: 1. Quickly find a common denominator with people through conversation, and 2. “You don’t get what you don’t ask for” to quote a coworker. My kids make fun of me today because I will strike up a conversation with a complete stranger; they say it embarrasses them. Tough. When we get to Heaven we won’t be strangers, so I say we should act like that here on earth.”

“I am married to the most wonderful lady in the world, Caroline Donaldson. I have 4 beautiful daughters: Jessica, 32 (pregnant with our first grandson); Scottie, 28; Breland 20; and Celia, 18.  We are also parents of an adorable Maltipoo dog named Mally, who has us both wrapped around her paw. I am a part time musician and song writer. I invent something almost every day and I am definitely a “what if” type thinker.  I still love to hunt and fish but don’t get to as often as I’d like. Fitness is very important to my wife and me. We love to exercise, cycle, play tennis and sail. We start a new diet about every Monday, primarily because we blow the previous week’s diet over the weekend.”

Scott has been in the real estate since 2015 and eagerly professes to have found his dream career. “I love it — love the uncertainty and possibility of each contact. I think watching my dad develop his career as a builder, developer and realtor gave me a great foundation. My career in real estate has taught me to be patient and a good listener, just two of the needed skills to be successful in real estate.  I also think that I am naturally a people person, and that is another essential skill in real estate. I met Julie Breedlove through a mutual friend. I had the opportunity to list my first horse farm and my friend directed me to her for advice. She sat down with me for a couple of hours of information and guidance. I was honored to be asked to join her team a few months later.

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182 New Bridge Road, Aiken SC 29801

27 acres
When you first pull down the entrance road at 182 New Bridge Road, Aiken SC 29801, you qui ...
When you first pull down the entrance road at 182 New Bridge Road, Aiken SC 29801, you quickly realize uses for thi ...
$ 165,000

SOLD – 3108 Greenbrier Mossydale Rd, W...

32 1,136 ft2 13.55 acres
Pull into 3108 Greenbrier Mossydale Road in Winnsboro, SC and you can see the endless poss ...
Pull into 3108 Greenbrier Mossydale Road in Winnsboro, SC and you can see the endless possibilities of what this pr ...
$ 215,000